About FCI

We are a forward-thinking futuristic company thriving to maximize the human capital through competence development services & products. We bring together the most knowledgeable world-class professionals to appraise, train and provide individuals and companies with state-of-the-art learning solutions to secure the future of their businesses. We have a network of competence development partners based in Norway, Rwanda, USA and Australia.

Core values



We offer services to schools, higher education, health sector, corporate sector and other organizations.

The partners at FCI have more than 15 years of experience with information technology and education, both in Africa and Europe.

The founding partner is an Associate Professor of Multimedia and eLearning.  He has developed digital content for higher education at University of Agder (Norway) and Makerere University (Uganda).

He has extensively worked with universities in Tanzania, Rwanda, Kenya and Uganda to develop strategies and secure funding for increasing access to ICT supported education in Africa. He is currently coordinating the implementation of a NOK18M NORAD funded project on digital technology supported distance education. FCI assisted in the establishment of the World Bank funded Eastern and Southern African Centers of Excellence.

Since 2015, FCI provides trainings on usable digital media creation and technology enhanced teaching and learning accross the globe.

Our team

We have extensive experience with eLearning, multimedia design and technology, software development, project management, human resources development and business administration.

Key contacts


Ms Clemence Ineza

Project Officer

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