Course Design & Content Development

We leverage the existing competences within the institutions and the advancements in multimedia technology to provide world-class education and training. 
  • Course design & Content development 
    • Instructional Design
    • Curriculum Development
    • Study Guides
    • eBooks and eCourseware

We aim to take education to where learners are.

Blended Learning

Blended learning methodology combines the robustness of cutting edge online learning platforms and the social constructivist learning theory to deliver the best learning experience to students with different learning styles. 

FCI Ltd brings in the know-how of human-centred design of interactive learning systems and instructional design to create custom made online courses according to the user requirements and the context of use. These courses can be tailored to paced teacher-supported instruction or to self-paced self-study units that can be used by learners on their own.

Online & Offline solutions

Digital media technology is leveraged to provide online as well as off-line learning systems that can be used with or without Internet connectivity. One of the possible solutions is the provision of complete course modules on a portable learning management system, which is loaded onto a memory stick with automatic synchronization capability (once connected to Internet). This solution can be very practical in communication technology constrained environments where learners have intermittent access to Internet.

Flipped Classroom

The current trend in education is to provide learners with access to learning content on their own, so that the time spent with a teacher can be used to discuss and make meaning out of the content. This approach, also known as “flipped classroom”, allows learners to spend more time on discussing, analyzing and critically thinking on the subject matter to create knowledge. Further on, this affords the teacher enough time to provide personalized learning facilitation by addressing individual concerns through timely feedback.

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