Flexible Buildings

Highly flexible and cost effective modular buildings and key ready solutions that are easy to relocate as well as create work space according to client´s needs.

As we strive to provide quality education, we are aware that blended learning requires physical learning spaces for both the learners and faculty. That can include classrooms, lecture halls, faculty offices, administration buildings and halls of residences.

The challenge is that brick and mortar construction projects are prone to long delays in completion, damage to environment, high maintenance costs and low quality materials in many cases.

To address these issues, FCI, in partnership with Norway and Austria based companies, is proposing high quality flexible modular buildings (FMB):

  • High flexibility in creating work space according to customer´s needs
  • Easy to relocate and easy to increase or decrease the work space if necessary
  • Very good price – quality proportion

Possible applications:

  • Classrooms
  • Laboratories & Workshops
  • Office space
  • Student Hostels
  • Army & police facilities

Financing of buildings and equipment        

We can, as part of a larger project, offer fully equipped buildings financed between 76,5% to 85% from Norway through GIEK (Guarantee institute for export) and Export Credit Norway AS.

This ranges from furniture, media systems and computers to highly specialized equipment

 Very low interest rates: 4 to 6 %, over a 10 years period.

Published on 04/18/2017, 10:02:10.
Last updated on 06/09/2017, 14:04:15.